Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Problems of Strategy

- Much existing writing on strategy begins with the premise of a defined body, to be applied to certain defined ends.
- Strategy then concerns the direction of a known body to known ends, utilising calculable forces.
- This isn't possible for us, as the primary purpose of the org in the current stage of struggle is to develop the internal organisation of the class, i.e. to create bodies capable of exerting forces.

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  1. One of Clausewitz's definitions of strategy was, I think, the direction of specific battles to the defeat of the enemy. The internal direction of these battles was a matter of tactics. This seems like strategy is then akin to the division of a complex task into bullet points, to simplify it.

    The problem for libertarian socialists is that we wish to increase, not decrease complexity. We wish to help develop new force-generating bodies.