Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I'm gonna come back to this

Just using this as a bookmark for now - I'll try to come back and have a go at discussion when I have some time.

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  1. Read the whole article, it seems that the authors read Linked (see above), and threw in some comments about organisation in 'the movement of movements'. I think I might criticise it in passing in a future article, but here are some preliminary problems:
    Uses Networks rather than systems - Talking about hubs and nodes is all very well, but if you can't speak about control and power, then how are you going to speak about capitalism, class, social power, etc. etc.

    Movement rather than class - Applies the network model to the MoM, and so encourages people to become movement hubs, etc., but doesn't talk about how to develop the social power of these movements (let alone the w/c)